Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where we are today!

So apparently it's been a while since I posted last. Naturally with any addition to your family, there is hardly time to do anything extra. My surgery went well, probably better than any of them. My anesthesiologist was WONDERFUL! I was so scared to get the spinal again in fear that I would have the same result as last time. But I knew if I didn't try, the only other option would be getting put to sleep. If that happened, I wouldn't get to see my baby after she is born and Jonathan wouldn't get to be in the room. So I decided to try the spinal. The morning of my surgery, the doctors were pretty concerned with the anxiety and nervousness I had. The anesthesiologist made the suggestion that I be put to sleep to avoid any complications like last time.
So off I go to the operating room and they tell me to think of something good, and OFF I WENT! I woke up happy as could be!! (not just b/c of the meds) but the fact that I could feel and move my legs which in turn helped ease the pain of my back. The nurses comforted me in any way and to know things were so pleasant, I was ecstatic! (This was the meds) lol...
Although I didn't get to see my baby for a couple of hours, my family was SO supportive to share pictures they took with their phones and cameras. No one posted pictures on facebook or shared with others until I was ready. It was kinda hard knowing everyone had seen my baby long before I even had the chance to. But there is nothing that compares to when you see the nurses roll your baby in and you see her bundled up and they pass her over to you! I was on cloud nine!!!
Girl number 3 has been such a joy!
Marlie Sheree is the sweetest and happiest baby! Things have went pretty well with her, a pleasant addition. Some times I still catch myself counting how many kids I have with me when I leave in the mornings and when I am in stores. LOL ( I hope this is normal) But it's that extra guarantee that makes me feel better to know we are all together! I guess I should post some updates of how much has happened.
Marlie is now holding her head really well and she is rolling over from her back to her belly. She's not sitting up by herself yet, but it shouldn't be too long. (I'm not pushing her to do anything soon. I want her to stay a baby as long as she will) She's giggling and responding to seeing people.
I have posted some pictures to share our joy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Almost There!!!

Well I've almost made it to the end of this pregnancy and I don't think I've ever been more ready! This pregnancy has just been a challenge. I hope the recovery isn't. It's been difficult the last few months with Jonathan being on night shift. That means, no one to do those little sweet offerings for me. I ask my kids and they're like, " Do I have to?". My response...No. I guess and hope this means that the muscles in my stomach from getting up and down with my kids and for myself will be so strong that the recovery after my C-Section will be easier than before.

Ms. Marlie Sheree Headley will be here September 8th and I am counting down the days. Only 5 weeks and 3 days to go! I was hoping to get another sonogram before having her, but I guess we'll see her soon in person. I've finally reached the every 2 weeks appointments and that just guarantees the closeness.

I just also found out that my husband will continue with night shift from August to December. I have to admit this brought tears to my eyes. Here I was thinking I'd have some kind of help after the baby gets here, only to discover, I'll be on my own much of it. Since I can't do anything about it, I just suck it up and take a deep breath, and take it like a grown up. But deep inside I just want to boo-hoo and cry..."It's not fair"!!! It's definately going to be a challenge to get Kylie to school every morning, on top of keeping the other girls schedules normal while mine is CRAZY! Lord, I just pray I have a good baby. I pray for patience, energy, understanding, control, and sanity!

Please pray for me!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

15 Weeks

Well, I'm 15 weeks and starting to feel much better! I'm getting my appetite back finally! My desires have been fresh produce such as greens and fruit. No meat though! I go back to the doctor April 11th, but not for a sonogram. The sonogram will be in May. We plan on taking the girls and we absolutely can't wait! I'm definately starting to gain weight and feel the scales will show more than 1 lb at the next visit. I'm still having some dizzy spells and headaches, but I feel like they are starting to slack some. No movements yet, but according to the weekly e-mails I get about being pregnant, I should start feeling something within the next 3 weeks. I have gotten to hear the heart beat and that just fills my heart! My challenge right now is to find a way to get little ones to stop hitting my belly. I know they don't mean to, but it's really worrying me. That, or this kid better come out strong! LOL

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

12 weeks and 3 days

You would think after two children already, I should know a thing or two about the weeks, but unfortunately I don't. I guess with the girls I wasn't counting down the days until I got out of the first trimester from being so sick. I'm able to keep some control over the nausia. Still gagging though. Especially when I brush my teeth. I've managed to not have to take any of my nausia pills and that's a plus because I hate what they do to me. But my appetite is starting to kick in. I smell something and if it smells good, I HAVE to have it. This is a fore-warning of spending money when you go to the store to buy a completely different meal than was bought two days prior for the week. It takes more time, but the accomplishment of satisfaction is amazing!

I'm definately stretching more and more every day. My belly is getting tighter and in the way. Since I sit the majority of my day at work, I've found it more comfortable to wear dresses than pants. I'm not much of a "dress" person, but you can't beat the comfort.

My next appointment is this upcoming Monday and I'm pretty excited! MAYBE I'll get to hear the heartbeat finally! I'm not sure why they didn't listen to it last time. All they did was take tons of blood from my body. Everyone keeps asking about when I'll find out what I'm having, and I'm as clueless as they are. Who knows??? This visit they are supposed to do a gluclose screening after I drink a 20 ounce of coke. My appointment is at 1:00 p.m. Do you think that means I'm not supposed to eat and just drink the coke? Or does it matter?? I guess I'll have to call.

Well, I decided to post a picture to mark my progress. I hope you enjoy and keep up with me this pregnancy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

These Days...

Things have really been in fast forward lately. But that's a good thing. I am going into my fourth month being pregnant and thank God for that. Trimester 1 down the drain. The morning, afternoon, night time sickness has got to go! I was never like this with my girls, so we are definately praying for that boy. This is probably my last child, so it would be great to bring a boy into our family. I already have a little belly pouching and all the pains of stretching from my past c-sections.

I have decided that after this semester of school, I'm going to take a break from school since Ihaven't had one since 2009. I'm kinda looking forward to it. Although it makes getting further along even longer, I will get to have some ME time and time for my girls without distractions.

Jonathan is coming upon 1 year of service to the Police Department. He's so happy! I'm just a happy wife that is glad he's finally gotten the dream job of his.

The girls are still taking Taekwondo. Kylie is a green belt and Natalie is a "Little Dragon" about to get her first stripe. These girls make me so happy!

I guess that about sums it up for now! I'll keep posting...

Monday, August 9, 2010


Ok, so it's been a while since I have posted, so I guess it's about that time. Days seem to be, just make it to the next, and then the next. My schedule as always stays pretty busy. We have adopted another kitten that was found outside my work. I wonder sometimes why I put myself in this situation of making things harder for myself. She's a cry baby and doesn't like to be held, but she's great when she's asleep! : )

Kylie has joined Taekwondo and so my Tuesdays and Thursdays consist of watching her kick butt! Just kidding...but there is some of that involved. The program helps build the kids up to be strong and outgoing. And I must say, she is definately getting there. In about 1 1/2 months she has already moved up to Yellow Belt. And these Yellow Belt test are no easy deal. The child must be able to recite and know 5 Korean words, be able to execute 16 moves by memory. Must be able to execute many moves in a combination given out by the instructor. She did SOOO good! Mommy was definately proud! She will compete in her first competition on September 11th. I'm not sure how that will go but we are looking forward to it!

Natalie has been going part time to Aiken Village Pre-school. She's doing really well in there. She didn't know her colors before going in there, and now she can tell you what the colors are and if they match any other colors. I'm shocked with that! Before entering in the school, we would ask her about the different colors and she would play it off and guess the colors with her mischievious smile. She will definately be my class clown!

Jonathan has been working as a police officer for about 3 months now and he's doing so great at his job. I knew this was God's place for him. He's about to switch shifts and start nights this Friday. It's going to be a challenge to get any time with him.

I have finally finished my two summer courses and will start with the Fall ones next week. I like starting over, b/c it feels like a milestone and gives me the chance to start over. I did very well on my summer courses and so I know school is where I'm supposed to be. I am almost where I need to take the PRAXIS I. I'm kinda nervous about it, and the practice test don't help. I just need to find the time to go and DO IT! Get it over with! But it cost so much, I have to make sure I don't waste the money by guessing. I have been pretty active with my 4-H club this summer and enjoy the time I have spent with them. The parents have made it so much better for me too. They help tremendously!

So I guess that should catch everyone up to the updated story of my life!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Job, New House...God is definately in my Life

Patience has been a chore for me, but I can honestly say it has paid off. I have to realize that things don't happen in my time, but in God's time. My family has been super blessed lately. Jonathan has started his new job as a police officer and we moved into the house of my dreams and have been living there 1 1/2 weeks now! It's a safe neighborhood, with several kids surrounding us. I can't express enough how much all this means to me. Although it is materialistic, God has answered my prayers and supplied us with what he feels we deserve/need. We were previously in a single-wide mobile home (which by the way is for sale) and every time the weather was bad, we didn't sleep much. The concerns of wind storms and not to mention the fact that we were somewhat under some large pine trees that would take my mobile home out in one whack! We now feel safer in a much more stable home.

Jonathan has been coming home every day telling me different stories of what he is experiencing and going through. I know deep in my heart, this is what is for him. We also own our own painting business which is thankfully keeping going by a good friend and great painter. God has opened so many new doors for us financially and spiritually. I just wanted to take the time to share with everyone our recent blessings! May God Bless You!