Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where we are today!

So apparently it's been a while since I posted last. Naturally with any addition to your family, there is hardly time to do anything extra. My surgery went well, probably better than any of them. My anesthesiologist was WONDERFUL! I was so scared to get the spinal again in fear that I would have the same result as last time. But I knew if I didn't try, the only other option would be getting put to sleep. If that happened, I wouldn't get to see my baby after she is born and Jonathan wouldn't get to be in the room. So I decided to try the spinal. The morning of my surgery, the doctors were pretty concerned with the anxiety and nervousness I had. The anesthesiologist made the suggestion that I be put to sleep to avoid any complications like last time.
So off I go to the operating room and they tell me to think of something good, and OFF I WENT! I woke up happy as could be!! (not just b/c of the meds) but the fact that I could feel and move my legs which in turn helped ease the pain of my back. The nurses comforted me in any way and to know things were so pleasant, I was ecstatic! (This was the meds) lol...
Although I didn't get to see my baby for a couple of hours, my family was SO supportive to share pictures they took with their phones and cameras. No one posted pictures on facebook or shared with others until I was ready. It was kinda hard knowing everyone had seen my baby long before I even had the chance to. But there is nothing that compares to when you see the nurses roll your baby in and you see her bundled up and they pass her over to you! I was on cloud nine!!!
Girl number 3 has been such a joy!
Marlie Sheree is the sweetest and happiest baby! Things have went pretty well with her, a pleasant addition. Some times I still catch myself counting how many kids I have with me when I leave in the mornings and when I am in stores. LOL ( I hope this is normal) But it's that extra guarantee that makes me feel better to know we are all together! I guess I should post some updates of how much has happened.
Marlie is now holding her head really well and she is rolling over from her back to her belly. She's not sitting up by herself yet, but it shouldn't be too long. (I'm not pushing her to do anything soon. I want her to stay a baby as long as she will) She's giggling and responding to seeing people.
I have posted some pictures to share our joy!

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