Monday, August 9, 2010


Ok, so it's been a while since I have posted, so I guess it's about that time. Days seem to be, just make it to the next, and then the next. My schedule as always stays pretty busy. We have adopted another kitten that was found outside my work. I wonder sometimes why I put myself in this situation of making things harder for myself. She's a cry baby and doesn't like to be held, but she's great when she's asleep! : )

Kylie has joined Taekwondo and so my Tuesdays and Thursdays consist of watching her kick butt! Just kidding...but there is some of that involved. The program helps build the kids up to be strong and outgoing. And I must say, she is definately getting there. In about 1 1/2 months she has already moved up to Yellow Belt. And these Yellow Belt test are no easy deal. The child must be able to recite and know 5 Korean words, be able to execute 16 moves by memory. Must be able to execute many moves in a combination given out by the instructor. She did SOOO good! Mommy was definately proud! She will compete in her first competition on September 11th. I'm not sure how that will go but we are looking forward to it!

Natalie has been going part time to Aiken Village Pre-school. She's doing really well in there. She didn't know her colors before going in there, and now she can tell you what the colors are and if they match any other colors. I'm shocked with that! Before entering in the school, we would ask her about the different colors and she would play it off and guess the colors with her mischievious smile. She will definately be my class clown!

Jonathan has been working as a police officer for about 3 months now and he's doing so great at his job. I knew this was God's place for him. He's about to switch shifts and start nights this Friday. It's going to be a challenge to get any time with him.

I have finally finished my two summer courses and will start with the Fall ones next week. I like starting over, b/c it feels like a milestone and gives me the chance to start over. I did very well on my summer courses and so I know school is where I'm supposed to be. I am almost where I need to take the PRAXIS I. I'm kinda nervous about it, and the practice test don't help. I just need to find the time to go and DO IT! Get it over with! But it cost so much, I have to make sure I don't waste the money by guessing. I have been pretty active with my 4-H club this summer and enjoy the time I have spent with them. The parents have made it so much better for me too. They help tremendously!

So I guess that should catch everyone up to the updated story of my life!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Job, New House...God is definately in my Life

Patience has been a chore for me, but I can honestly say it has paid off. I have to realize that things don't happen in my time, but in God's time. My family has been super blessed lately. Jonathan has started his new job as a police officer and we moved into the house of my dreams and have been living there 1 1/2 weeks now! It's a safe neighborhood, with several kids surrounding us. I can't express enough how much all this means to me. Although it is materialistic, God has answered my prayers and supplied us with what he feels we deserve/need. We were previously in a single-wide mobile home (which by the way is for sale) and every time the weather was bad, we didn't sleep much. The concerns of wind storms and not to mention the fact that we were somewhat under some large pine trees that would take my mobile home out in one whack! We now feel safer in a much more stable home.

Jonathan has been coming home every day telling me different stories of what he is experiencing and going through. I know deep in my heart, this is what is for him. We also own our own painting business which is thankfully keeping going by a good friend and great painter. God has opened so many new doors for us financially and spiritually. I just wanted to take the time to share with everyone our recent blessings! May God Bless You!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Day At Noxubee Refuge

If you notice, Natalie is waving "bye" to the tree

This tree had small, soft leaves growing from the sides, so Kylie was feeling them.

On the Trail

At the Look-Out

We decided a few weeks ago to start having a "family day", so this particular Sunday afternoon, we went to the Noxubee Refuge. The weather was beautiful and I think the girls had a great time!!

Easter 2010

I'm kinda going backwards, but I didn't post any pictures from Easter. So I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

God's Blessings

I am so excited! Although things have been crazy, there is a good to it all! Undecided where it was going to go, Jonathan applied for a position for the PD. After many unsuccessful attempts, God decides to bless us with the job! I am now married to a Police Officer and I'm so thrilled about it. Not only will the job help financially and secure monthly income, it is something that Jonathan really enjoys. This job has already openned so many doors for us. We are currently trying to sell our mobile home and move into the home I have dreamed about for 2 years now! The family who owns it has been so wonderful and wants us to have the house just as much as we want it. So I've been packing in hopes that the house will soon be mine! I just need to sell our mobile home. God is so good!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So it's been a while since I have posted anything! So to catch you up, I'll do my best! I am still a full time employee, a part time student, and I've added many extra activities on the side. I ask myself a lot why I do so much, and honestly I don't have an answer. I guess deep down, it's a desire and God has open these doors and I don't want to shut them.

Lately has been pretty challenging. I teach Children's Church every two weeks and I have a 4-H club that meets once a month. Although these times aren't every week, they definately keep me busy! Kylie is a Brownie in Girl Scouts and I do my best to support her in that.

Everything was going well until the last month. My heart has been in sooo many places! Idealing it belongs to God, then my family, but lately I just cry out! I am not by any means complaining, but like anyone, I need to express myself and why not here. It would be so nice to sleep in some mornings and lately my Saturdays have even been stacked up. Over a month ago, a dear friend of mine was incarserated. She is in deep trouble. I haven't been "real" close to her the past few years b/c ....well to be's a little complicated.

She has been a friend since we were 5 years old! She was in my wedding and I was even there when her first daughter was born! I drifted from her, b/c of family issues and other situations. She is now, due to poor decisions over the years, sitting in jail. My Saturdays and any spare moment I have has been spent praying for her. Many people are angry at her b/c her situation isn't very pretty. Her parents are angry and disappointed in her and honestly I can't say that I blame them.
But why am I'm still there?? Good question! I prayed before the first visitation b/c I didn't even know if she wanted to see me. God spoke to me and gave me the best vision of why I was suppose to be there and why I didn't have the anger everyone else had. He said "Becauase I Love Her Too!"
So I have done what I know is right in my heart! I have visited her every Saturday morning. Only one of her parents have been there and no one else. I'm so glad I AM able to be there for her. It breaks my heart seeing her in there, but she knows and I know it's what she needed and hopefully it will help more than hurt.

I've never really felt what I've felt for her, the way I do lately. I tear up and try my best to stay strong through it all. I've listened to different sermons to encourage me. I've had some pray for me and my journey through this. And I've even gotten some insight on what she needs from me while in there from someone else who is dear to me that current resides in jail.

I had a break down the other night. I feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually tired. I am keeping my head high and my heart focused. Through all of this, I have began to pay attention to friends who mean so much to me, as well as paying attention to those around you. I've learned to start showing more appreciation to people. I thank all who read and care about me. Please pray for strength and for God to shine through me as I travel this road. Thank you and I love you all!