Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend-Past, Present, and Future

Memorial Day weekend was such an experience this year! I actually reconnected with a friend I haven't seen in 15+ years. We found each other through Myspace and to my surprise, she was looking for me just like I was looking for her. The moment of discovering her was so amazing! At the time, I shortly discovered she had joined the Army and was currently in Iraq. Her name is Katie and the most memories I remembered of her was running the neighborhood on bikes and playing together. She and her family moved to Birmingham, AL and I continued to write her letters and receive them. Then she moved in with her dad in California and that's when we lost touch. I have longed to find her and close to a year ago, I did! We planned from then that we would make a date that was a long weekend where she would visit her mom in Birmingham and we would stay with my n-laws in Birmingham. Well, that weekend finally arrived...Memorial Day Weekend!!

My heart was heavy of several emotions the whole ride Friday night. Saturday morning, we arranged to meet at IHOP for breakfast and get the day started catching up! The reunion was amazing. I got to meet her little girl and she got to meet mine. The whole family showed up and that was amazing to see how much everyone had "not" changed except the marriage and children.

We went to the McWane Science Center in Birmingham for the the kids to enjoy. It was great and I would recommend to anyone. Very interactive!

My children fixing a flat on a car.

Kylie in a mushroom
Not sure how this really works..but those headbands are suppose to recognize brain waves and there is a ball in a tube on the table. The one showing the most brain activity pushes the ball to the other person's side. (Look how Kylie is concentrating so hard)

You can't have a Science Museum without Dinosaurs and Dinosaur bones!!

They have this "sand box" where the kids can dig up their own dinosaur bones. Too Cool!

Kylie walking on the piano

Natalie golfing

Driving crazy

The girls in front of the bass by the aquarium.

Then we went to visit for a while. The next morning, we visited an Inflatable place called "Pump It Up". It was inexpensive and lots of fun. Even for adults!!

After playing hard, we went to eat at Dairy Queen. WONDERFUL!! The Mushroom Swiss Hamburger is to die for!! Why don't we have one of these in Starkville like we use to?? Hmmm???? Anyway...after indulging ourself to Hamburgers and Icecream, we made plans for the night, which involved going to the movies to see Night at the Museum, II. It was really cute! Katie, Me, and her sister Lindsey

Our two girls together...Kylie and Renae.
What a fun time we had! What an experince. I can only look forward to the next time we get to see each other. I can't wait!!