Friday, March 20, 2009

Most recently, we have been working really hard to accomplish our dream of moving out of the home we are in now and into something more structurely sound as well as something with more room since we are outgrowning our single-wide mobile home. The time has finally arrived and we are currently trying to sell the mobile home. We are financially able to take the next step in our life and we can't wait! Below is the picture of the new home we will be moving to.
It is a 3 bedroom, two bath with several good points about it. The garage has been enclosed and we plan to turn it into a large play room for the girls. My plan is for this room to help keep the toys in one end of the house and "Try" and keep their bedrooms from looking like a tornado has hit it. I'll let you know how that progresses! It also has a large enough laundry room that is attached to the play room and we hope to one day add an additional bath to that room. This room is large enough to occupy company when they visit and having a bath at this end of the house can only benefit.
The house also has a glassed in room off the formal dining room to which I will move my outside furniture. It will be great for plants and for watching my girls play in the fenced in back yard. There is a real working fireplace in the living room and the carpet is in great condition! It just seems so perfect for us. There are a few cosmetic things that we plan to fix on the house, but that's all in the fun of making a home ours.
The home is on a dead-in street in a great neighborhood. There is also a speed bump right in front of the house so traffic should be light! That's something that only makes this picture perfect.
We are all sooo excited about this house! The only thing holding us back is the sell of the home we are in now. Please pray everything will work out. We need something large enough for the girls to grow in and something that will be structure secure during bad weather.

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  1. Yay!!! You're finally going forward with the house! I know you're excited...hope the mobile home sells quickly for you! Can't wait to see the house. Congrats!!!