Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God's Plan Is Bigger!

Well lately has been a little confusing for us. As you have read, we are wanting to buy the house in an earlier blog. Boy was that our desire, but I think God had a different plan for us right now.

It has been so confusing to decide what is the right next move. Like playing Chess. Jonathan and I felt like God was telling us to be patient and allow him to be God. So we did just that. Last week we were called with the news that the home owners have some friends they would love to rent the house to for 6 months while their home was being built. Of course we were ready to move in all except for selling our mobile home. But pressure was there and time was running out for decisions. So we decided to wait! Jonathan called the home owners and told them that without selling our mobile home, we couldn't do it and the 6 months could give us some more time and in the meantime, their friends would have somewhere comfortable to go.

This was a hard decision to allow. But we both feel better now that it has been done. God's plan is bigger than ours! my truck (Honda Passport that I have owned for 6 years now) is having problems. It's been a good vehicle, it's just time for something else. You know how it is....Once you pay something off, that's when it goes downhill. Well, my truck has been a good one, but something had to happen quick due to the problems with it.

So God's plan became more clear as we went vehicle shopping! The Honda was my first real vehicle that was all mine. And meant a lot to me. But on to the lots we went. Our intension was to go to Tupelo, but on the way we decided to stop at Mitchell Automotive. As we're looking, a salesman came out and wanted to assist us. I asked him about where the used vehicles were.

Now let me explain something real quick. I NEVER EXPECTED TO BE A VAN MOM. But I was going to browse them b/c Jonathan suggested them to me. I'm too young to drive a van!

But the only used van they had on their lot, I was not impressed with. The gentleman wanted to let us check out the interior to which I was Surprised!! For me being as short as I am, this Van fit me as well as my Passport did! Humm?? Could I be a Van Mom?? Well after hearing the price the salesman offered, we let them know quickly it was out of the range we were looking for. The salesman didn't hesitate and said to let him see what he could get for us.

So from here, we decided to move on to Columbus (closer in case we decided to come back) to see what else was out there. Nothing seemed right for me! Everything was worse priced than the first lot. It's like God's light was around our first stop! The salesman called back and said they could get the price down to where it would suit us and today..............


I couldn't be more happier. I have never owned something sooo new and wonderful as this. It is a 2008 Dodge Caravan.

(this is only a replica of the van, not the actual photo, although it looks just like this)

My best information I can give if you are feeling the way remember the verse:

"Be Still, and Know that I am God" Psalm 46:10

Which teaches us patience and trust in God.

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